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Ski apartments

  • Ski apartments

    A place of your own

    Self-catering apartments offer personal space, and a kitchen or kitchenette, so you get more freedom over how you spend your time on holiday.

    You can eat whatever takes your fancy, whenever you feel like it, or go to food heaven by giving the local restaurants a go. You'll also be able to let the kids run and play around in a private space that feels carved out just for your family.

    If you'd rather not splash out on accommodation, staying in an apartment can save you a fair bit. However, there are high-end apartments with their own restaurants, spas and swimming pools, if you'd rather not sacrifice luxury.

    Apartments come in all standards of comfort – from small studios to multi-bedroom places sleeping up to 10.

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    • Finest self-catering apartments

      If you love the flexibility of a self-catering holiday, but also want a luxury ski break, then check out Our Finest range. This includes apartments in France and condos in North America.

      With many offering ski-to-door access and top-quality facilities, these luxury apartments will leave you feeling the love. You'll get a kitchen equipped with the works, a comfy lounge area and, in many places, great spa facilities. If you don't fancy cooking, then most apartments will offer half board upgrades and neighbouring hotels.

      Keep an eye out for apartments marked as being part of Our Finest range when browsing holidays on our site.

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With all the various national tourist boards applying widely varying criteria to hotel ratings, the whole question of international hotel grades has become confused. We have therefore applied our own 'rating', representing the general standards of that country in order that fairer comparisons can be made.

Please note: rating may differ from the official star rating of the local tourist board. Our classifications take into account not only the basic facilities, but also the location, leisure facilities, general character and atmosphere of the hotel, as well as customer feedback. Chalet ratings give comparisons with other chalets but do not provide like for like comparisons with the ratings of full service hotels.

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