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Price and availability updates and discrepancies

How our website updates prices and availability

Unlike a lot of things you can buy online, travel products have a limited window where they can be sold. Therefore it's natural for prices to fluctuate with supply and demand in order to sell out of a holiday before the departure date arrives (and the product becomes worthless), and for availability of flights, accommodation and/or rooms to reduce as the departure date approaches.

Ultimately our goal is to balance great value with a reasonable return for our business. It can be frustrating to see your holiday get cheaper in price, but the advantage of booking early is in securing exactly the holiday you want. Waiting for a last minute deal might pay off but if demand is high then it could result in having to pay more or compromise on your date and accommodation preferences.

On our website we update prices and availability daily. However, we update prices and availability in our reservation system more often, especially for last-minute bookings.

Due to technical limitations with our systems it is a minor possibility that there will be a "price/availability discrepancy" between the website and our reservation systems. This happens in less than 1% of customer visits - we track it closely. If this does occur you will notice an error message asking you to call our Sales Centre, who will be able to advise on the correct price/flight, accommodation and room options.

We are working towards a solution that eradicates this problem for the 1% of searches that can experience the issue.