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Advance Passenger Information

What is Advance Passenger Information?

Advance Passenger Information (also known as API or APIS) is information required by specific governments prior to travel.

It is information taken from your travel document, normally your passport – the biographical data will be sent to the appropriate country/countries' government agencies. There are a number of countries that require airlines to collect API data, you may also hear it called "Secure Flight" for the US and "e-Borders" for Ireland.

Currently this information is collected at check-in – typically at the airport, although for the following airlines where online check-in is an option it will be required then (NB all of the below also offer airport check-in):

Where online check-in is an option, you will receive your airline reference number with your travel documents. Go to your airline's website using the links above, and use the 'check in online' functions, during which you will be required to enter your API details. Once this has been entered you can check in and print off your boarding passes if you wish to do so.

If you're flying with TUI, save time at the airport with our online check-in service. Simply drop your luggage off and you're free to head through to the departure lounge. If you've chosen Select Your Seat, Seats with Extra Space or Seats with Extra Legroom, online check-in opens 14 days before your outward flight. If not, you can check in online from 7 days before. To see if online check-in is ready for your flights, visit our Flight Extras website and enter your booking reference, the surname of the lead passenger, your travel date and select Crystal Ski as the holiday type. If it's available, you'll then be able to click the check-in button and print your boarding passes.